Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chinese residents to get automatic citizenship.

-- three-year work permits to be granted

Chinese nationals at the International Conference Center

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday announced a raft of measures to make life easier for Chinese immigrants here, including automatic citizenship for those lawfully resident for seven years and an increase in the duration of a work permit from one year to three years. But he implored them to live within the law and to report anyone purporting to be a government official and soliciting bribes from them for granting citizenship or work
He said the measures are in part to ensure that Chinese immigrants are not discriminated against or taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons, declaring that the government was taking a firm stand against any kind of exploitation or discrimination.
President Jagdeo addressed more than 400 persons of Chinese descent who turned out for the meeting at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.
He announced too that a representative group from the Chinese community will be put together to ensure the commitments he made yesterday are followed up on and implemented without undue delay.
“You are welcome in Guyana”, he assured the gathering to warm applause. Read more.....


  1. Glenn Lall is the brother of cradle snatcher & child moleetor Reeza Khan

  2. i think that the chinese will be a great asset to guyana and that this is a great move by the president to allow the chinese citizenship.

  3. the chinese has been creating lot of job in guyana and now with citizenship from the president it will be more easy for the chinese to make development in guyana.

  4. The Chinese really deserve this since they have being here they have created a lot of jobs for the Guyanese public and with a longer permit they will be able to open more businesses which well give back to Guyana......