Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AFC conjures up another Dick Morris style fictitious poll

The opposition parties are sparing no effort to misrepresent themselves to potential voters. Elections are just 5 days away and they have obviously upped the ante. First it was the APNU and now the AFC has conjured up another bogus poll which projects that party as being in the lead though all visible evidence says otherwise.
It is amazing how a party that has not attracted more than 300 persons at any of its election related activities managed to attain the approval of 37% of those allegedly polled in comparison to the PPP/C's 33% and the APNU 30%. But then again this party is no stranger to fictitious polls as in 2006 a Dick Morris poll commissioned by the AFC predicted that it would win 52% of the votes cast. They got less than 15% in comparison to the PPP's 56% instead.

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