Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AFC leaders exploiting children for their political agenda-Letter writer

AFC Child protesters at Whim in Berbice. Evidence that these kids
know nothing about politics can be seen from the one holding the cup
which is a symbol of the PPP

T. King: THE shameless AFC leaders get kids to hold up signs saying "jobs’ justice, security, cut vat"
I would like Ramjattan to state if these kids in the Stabroek News photos are ready for work at their ages?
I wonder if these kids know the meaning of what's written on these signs and placed in front of a news media camera.
The presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan in the news media is hollering how President Jagdeo amassed great wealth to buy loyalty.
I would like to ask Ramjattan how much he paid those kids or paid their parents to hire them to come out in protest for him?
Would anyone in their right mind think these kids came out in protest on their own? Let Ramjattan explain this.
I would like to take the time to ask Ramjattan if he is not wealthier than the parents of these kids whom he got to protest against government?
This is nothing but political sickness on the part of AFC leaders to exploit children for their political agenda.
The AFC leader/s must be exposed to the rest of the world for what they truly are.

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