Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PPP/C miles ahead in latest NACTA Poll

BASED on NACTA’s ongoing tracking poll exercises conducted over the last couple of weeks, involving over 1300 voters, the findings up until November 21 show the incumbent PPP leading the other parties in five of seven regions. The findings of the other three regions will be released in a subsequent report as they are tabulated and analyzed.
The findings show the electorate is polarized by race with most Africans voting for APNU and a small percentage for AFC. Indians seem to split with the bulk of their votes going to the PPP and the rest to AFC. The PPP has made some gains among African/mixed voters in traditional PNC areas.
According to the projections of the findings, the PPP leads in Regions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 by huge lopsided majorities over its challengers. APNU leads in Regions 4 and 10, the latter by a huge margin, but still short of a majority. It is noted that the PPP and APNU are almost neck and neck in Region 4, suggesting the outcome could go either way.

The AFC is not leading in any region and is running third in all seven regions, though in Region 10, AFC and PPP are neck and neck.
The margin of error in the poll is 6%. NACTA is continuing to poll until the end of the work week when it will release its final set of findings on percentage and seat projections.

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