Sunday, November 6, 2011


Peeping Tom: APNU means A Partnership for National Unity, but it could very well mean A Partnership Nobody Understands.
If Thursday‘s disgusting display in Buxton is anything to go by then it is clear that even the supporters of APNU do not understand what the partnership is about.
The concept of an open partnership is something that should never have been attempted without a trial run in an election of less significance than a general election. In that way, all the things that need to be clarified and worked on would have been ironed out before putting the concept to such a high stakes test in a general election. A general election is too important for such experimentation without first having tested the acceptance of the concept by the people of Guyana.
The PNCR and APNU have accused the PPP administration of being in bed with all manner of ill persons, of being the most corrupt administration ever, of having failed the Guyanese people. They have painted the PPP as being no good and hinted that investigations are going to be held into their rule in Guyana. APNU supporters expect that if the partnership gets into power that some persons within the government are going to be jailed.
Yet while saying all these bad things about the PPP, APNU still wants to have them in a government of national unity. This is something that is not an easy sell and therefore the PNCR should never have rushed into an open partnership for national unity.
APNU claims to be committed to national unity. Yet within its ranks are persons who were of the opinion that the government was not being consistent in running the country for all Guyanese and therefore its leader had no right, even though he is the President of Guyana, to go into that village.
If the President of Guyana is supposed to rule in the interests of all, then how can anyone deny the President the right to go into any part of the country, and still expect to be taken seriously.
APNU wants national unity. It says that it is committed to a power sharing arrangement. Well, unless it distances itself from last Thursday’s ruckus at a PPP meeting in Buxton, it should not be taken seriously when it says that it is keen on having the PPP within the proposed government it intends to form after the elections.
If during the election campaign it attempts to disrupt a meeting of an opposition party, not with a few hecklers, but with a battalion of its supporters waving placards, how can it be taken seriously? Such an approach is not consistent with the actions of a party that is serious about a power sharing government.
The party is yet to show any remorse of the actions of a group of its supporters last Thursday, and this action may well suggest that the leadership of the party is not in control of what is happening on the ground. It may well have been a clique within the partnership that wants to make the leadership look bad, but if this is the case, then the leadership should have by now come out and dissociated itself from the actions of those who overdid it at the PPP meeting in Buxton.
If APNU wants to convince the Guyanese electorate that it can sit down with the PPP in a government of national unity, it has to demonstrate sounder judgment.
The PPP/C is now singing its favorite jingle, “Dem a Watch we! Dem a Watch we!” In fact APNU is not just watching, they seem to want to join the PPP.
When next the PPP holds its next meeting, it should send an invitation to APNU because from the actions last Thursday APNU seems keen on joining the PPP.

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