Friday, November 11, 2011

AFC Presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan presented a host of incorrect information at UG Presidential discussion

The Alliance For Change(AFC) 2011 Presidential candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan presented a whole host of incorrect and outdated information during his presentation yesterday at a debate orgainzed by the University of Guyana’s Faculty of Social Sciences' Department of Governance. During his presentation Ramjattan claimed that the World Bank published a set of indices where Guyana scored last. Well this is the first and most minor lie. The indices is in fact published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
After reading through the 2010 report of WEF Liveinguyana found a host of misinformation. Ramjattan said that a total of 117 countries were surveyed, while the WEF of 2010 surveyed 139 countries.
Ramjattan then listed his indices with their scores, and we compared then finding the following:

1. Pervasiveness of Money Laundering in the Banks: Ramjattan says “117/117”, -WEF 2010 say that index does not exist.

2.Reliability of Police Service: Ramjattan says “116/117”-WEF 2010 says “114/139”.

3.Irregular payments of Public Contracts: Ramjattan says “114/117” -WEF says “109/139”.

So you should see already that Ramjattan has no clue where his data is coming from, and at the same time his numbers do not match the latest WEF report numbers. But this is not all. This WEF report can't even be trusted. For in that same report the WEF says that the Quality of Guyana Railroad system is 90/139. Our rail system is even better than Serbia's. Serbia in fact has over 4300km of railway in use including electrified rail system. Yet Guyana trumps Serbia. If the WEF can come here and point out to us where more than 4300km of rail service exists I will be pleased. Hell, let them point out where 10km of rail services exist. Better yet 1km. The WEF based their survey on asking “experts” to rank on a scale of 1-7 “How would you (expert) assess the railroad system in your country.” Which idiot did they ask this of?

What does this show? Well there are only 2 things one can infer. Either Ramjattan is extremely lazy and did not validate the source of his data or his handlers didn't. Or, what we suspect, Ramjattan used his indices to attempt to hoodwink the people of Guyana. That he knew the indices were nonsense yet went ahead with it in the hope that Guyanese were too lazy to bother checking the facts.

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