Thursday, November 17, 2011

APNU takes its campaign of violence & intimidation to PPP/C Victoria public meeting

The PNC might have changed its name but the actions of that party and its supporters remain the same. This was first demonstrated when supporters of that party tore down barriers and stormed City Hall on nomination day then they disrupted a PPP public meeting in Buxton assaulting several persons in the process. Last night PNC/APNU took their campaign of violence and intimidation to a PPP public meeting in the village of Victoria on the East Coast of Demerara. The incident occurred at the Victoria Gas Station Road, East Coast Demerara in front of the Victoria Primary School and saw close to 150 transported APNU activists gathering at the venue of the meeting, armed with APNU posters and placards and hurling derogatory and racist remarks during the meeting.

Police stationed there were forced to intervene to prevent the group from storming the podium and getting their hands on PPPC speakers Joseph Hamilton and Anil Nandlall. After Hamilton and Nandlall were disturbed from making proper presentations over the microphone due to the loud chants of “Granger” and “PNC” and they eventually stopped speaking prematurely.

On several occasions, while Mr Nandlall was speaking the crowd attempted to grab the podium but the police had to physically intervene to create a human barricade between the crowd and Mr Nandlall. As Hamilton left the meeting, missiles were thrown at him and at his vehicle and as Nandlall was delivering his address, the crowd continued with its disorderly and ruckus conduct, on many occasions throwing their placards and posters at him while he was speaking. A man who from all appearances was directing the proceedings was frequently seen on his cell phone, apparently receiving instructions. APNU candidate was also spotted two corners away, quite reminiscent of the Buxton incident.

A member of the crowd set on fire a PPP poster and waved it in front of Mr Nandlall as he was speaking and a glass coke bottle was also pelted and it hit the podium.

When Nandlall was finished speaking, police and PPP supporters escorted him to the Public Road and he left. After Nandlall left, five PPP supporters and activists were beaten and assaulted and one activist was doused with kerosene oil and the crowd attempted to set him afire.

As this was taking place, another PPP activist was pelted with a bottle that hit him in the face and a man armed with a baseball bat then charged another PPP activist who had a licensed firearm. The man discharged two rounds in the air, causing the crowd to back off.

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