Monday, November 21, 2011

Sheila Holder passes away

The late AFC Prime Ministerial
candidate, Sheila Holder

Liveinguyana expresses its deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of Ms. Sheila Holder of the AFC. She will surely be missed from the body politics of Guyana.

However, we wish to state that the AFC bears some responsibility for Holder’s death.
They knew she was unwell and in denying it kept pressing her to continue so as to hoodwink its supporters into believing that all was well when in fact there were serious internal frictions arising out of the Ramjattam/Trotman leadership tussle.
It was the AFC which referred to Guyana Chronicle as a, ‘’liar’ when it reported in May 2011, that Holder was ill and was advised by her doctors to quit the campaign trail.With time this Chronicle report was proven to be true.

With a few more days to go before elections observers are keen to see how this plays out, particularly with Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan who are both ill themselves.
Ramjattan for the past three years has persistently had to battle with complications arising from heart sickness and with the campaign in full-swing his doctors advised him three weeks ago to reduce his workload. This is precisely the reason behind the current dominant role of Trotman and several others at the AFC's campaigns and rallies.
Trotman himself in giving his reasons for not initially accepting the AFC's prime ministerial candidacy earlier this year, admitted that he is unwell. Liveinguyana understands that he too is battling with cancer.


  1. I am a supporter of this site - I recommend you change the heading - in good faith.

  2. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends also the AFC RIP Sheila

  3. Samuel. Johnson
    I feel sorry for them. they may be in opposition and i believe that they have been quite fair as an opposing party of which all have their flaws. I hope everyone stays in good health and also that we have more healthy discussions between all party's, there will always be nitpicking, fallacy and mudslinging in politics, but i can see an evolution in the way we are thinking and things will not always run smoothly but it can only get better. To a young democracy and ms sheila holder for her outstanding contribution to the ongoing debate of development.