Wednesday, November 16, 2011

APNU's James Bond used stolen bike with false number plate to knock woman down

The APNU's James Bond

In September of this year we reported that Attorney- at- law James Bond, the defeated People’s National Congress Reform ( PNC) presidential candidate hopeful, struck down 22 year old Sonia Stanley, a trainee nurse attached to the Georgetown School of Nursing while his CBR motorcycle was overtaking another vehicle on Main Street, Georgetown. The impact left the young woman in an unconscious state in the Intensive Care Unit of the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, nursing a broken pelvic bone, head injuries, and bleeding internally as well. Eye witness accounts indicated that a drunken Bond was speeding at the time and the female was struck after his CBR motorcycle suddenly emerged from behind a car at a fast rate and rocketed into her. Bond's offer of $200,000 as compensation to the victim was also rejected.

Liveinguyana was today made to understand that the motorcycle in question, bearing registration number CF1007 was stolen in the US and shipped illegally to Guyana where it was outfitted with false number plates. It is reportedly in the custody of customs officials. However, no charges were laid against Bond since he skillfully evaded prosecution by having someone else claim ownership of the bike though it was in his possession all the time.

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  1. Fucking APNC. Someone should kill each and everyone of them and their fucking family too to rid the world of dogs like them