Wednesday, November 9, 2011

While Herman Cain is battling for his political career CN Sharma is being allowed to get away by the local media

IN the U.S.A., Herman Cain, a presidential hopeful is fighting for his political career, having become embroiled in a sexual molestation allegation against two women. Despite his denials, evidence of monetary compensation to the aggrieved women, surfaced, thus further eroding his credibility. One woman has threatened to go public in support of her allegation but is stymied by some confidentiality agreement.
In Guyana, similar allegations of sexual molestation of children were made against C.N. Sharma another presidential hopeful. These allegations were made on several occasions culminating in one particular incident that was sufficiently serious to engage the Courts attention.
Allegations of monetary compensation also surfaced as well as attempts to tamper with witnesses for the prosecution. While no one, maybe through fear or compensation, has threatened to go public, a group called Mothers against Molestation in an effort to sensitise the public on the depravity of this issue, mounted a picketing exercise outside his television station which evoked the wrath of one Lurlene Nestor, a noted P.N.C. candidate.
But, that is understandable, given that C.N. Sharma has now joined the P.N.C. bandwagon known for its lawlessness as recently demonstrated at their nomination presentation, and at Buxton.
Significantly however, what is absent in the Sharma issue is the dearth of publicity by our venerable press, unlike the U.S.A. where the press is having a field day against Herman Cain.
So, why the silence on this issue when not too long ago the press was all over the President for lawfully suspending his TV licence?
It would appear that the press is selectively biased in favour of some while castigating others, especially government officials for inappropriate behaviour, yet C.N. Sharma with a history of reprehensible conduct is allowed to go about with business as usual without an iota of criticism from our esteemed press. After all, this man is aspiring to become the President of Guyana.
And to our hybrid journalist, Freddie, why not use your logical deduction and make this an election issue, since it is more relevant in the political mainstream than some low life thief dying in prison for stealing other persons’ property and brutalising them in the process.
Or, maybe, this story is so putrid that even the vultures and carrion crows find it unpalatable.

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