Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prime Minister's wife responds to lies peddled by Mark Benschop & the PNCR led APNU

Mrs. Samuel Yvonne Hinds, wife of the Prime Minister, has issued a statement on ‘misleading, false and malicious’ information about her involvement in a recent court matter involving her grandson and his parents. She says this information is being peddled by persons with their own agenda.

Following is the statement:

“Of recent I have noticed, a lot of misleading, false and malicious information, being peddled (by persons with their own agenda), about my involvement in a recent court matter involving my grandson and his parents.

“My son went to the USA on a student visa – his wife’s status was that of a spouse of a student. My son, after successfully completing his studies must return to his country of origin.

“His wife refused to return to Guyana; as a result my son filed for custody of his son, since it would not be in the best interest of the child to stay with a parent who is an illegal alien.

“During the custody hearing on October 11th 2011, the judge ruled in favour of the father, granting him temporary custody of the child. The child should have been handed over to the father on October 11, 2011, however, my daughter-in-law disobeyed the order of the court and she was summoned on October 31, 2011 to show why she was in contempt of the judge’s order.

“Among the many outrageous statements my daughter-in-law made in court was that Guyana was a most corrupt country and she feared for her life here, and was in the process of seeking refugee status.

When asked by the judge for documents to verify her processing of refugee status, she had none. At the end of the October 31, 2011 hearing, the judge did not find the testimony of my daughter- in- law credible, so the judge’s order of October 11, 2011 was reaffirmed.

“The father’s petition for return of the child was granted. My daughter-in-law was ordered by the judge to return the child immediately to his father, who was in the process of departing the USA at the end of his period of study.
“I returned home to Guyana un-hindered by the American authorities.

“This account of the custody hearing is factual and faithfully reflects what took place in the court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“Any attempt to distort the ruling of the court in this matter, to paint the judge’s orders otherwise, or to discredit my family will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.”

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