Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AFC official attempts to assault 12 year old daughter of PPP supporter

Verasammy Ramaya aka Dr Piss

An AFC official in the company of Verasammy Ramaya, otherwise known as 'Dr Piss' while at the PPP Public Meeting in the Village of Whim last evening, tried to sexually assault the 12 year old daughter of a PPP/C supporter.
After the girl complained to her father, the individual was confronted and became confrontational forcing the child's relatives to lodge a report at the police station.

The assailant was earlier amongst a group of AFC supporters mobilized and stationed outside the home of Ramaya, a senior member of the party. Ramaya is a self titled herbal doctor and also the host of a TV talk show who encourages his patients to drink their urine as a form of medication.


  1. Christopher Ram, a so-called attorney at law and chartered accountant who deals with illegal businessmen such as local drug lord Salim Juman Azeez, has three sons who partake in gangbang sex on Tishana Narine.

    Undercover findings revealed that Christopher Ram's eldest son Rajendra has been in a sexual relationship with Tishana Narine since she was 7 years old in 2000. He had to let go of the relationship so that it will not affect Christopher Ram's name during the elections.

    Christopher Ram's other son Ravendra Ram, a known computer hacker and openly gay turned tri-sexual, had been in an anal affair with Tishana Narine in 2006, but it was short lived as elections prevented Ravendra from being involved in the controversial affair.

    Christopher Ram's third son, Christoff Ram , a resident of 904 Lascala Drive, Windermere, Florida and member of the Gay Alliance at Orange West High School has been known to felch and rim any boy or girl he had sexual contact with. Tishana Narine is no exception.

    Christopher Ram is a known wife beater and sodomiser who is in an affair with his employee Asmita Chand from 1999 to now.

    Tishana Narine is a known fellatio expert who pleases the drug lords of the PNC/APNU/AFC alliance.

    Tishana Narine is currently a booty call girl for Nicholas Ali's friend who comes to Guyana on a regular basis to retrieve and export cocaine to Pensalyvania, USA.

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