Wednesday, November 2, 2011

APNU Volunteers complain of shabby treatment, long work hours etc.

Kajuana Barton

Several APNU volunteers told a Liveinguyana operative stories of shabby treatment etc being meted out to them even as that party seeks to be elected at the upcoming elections.
Kajuana Barton and Olana Bacchus related their ordeal to an undercover operative and they spoke of being made to work for long hours and lengthy delays in receiving their promised stipend. Both of the young ladies attend the University of Guyana and were recruited by a senior figure with a promise of a monthly stipend being their only incentive. When pressed they both agreed that they were not really interested in the APNU's politics as well. They spoke of having to wait for hours before being provided with meals on a recent trip to Berbice and related that when the cook-up did arrive it tasted as though it was spoilt.

A distraught looking Olana Bacchus
eating the APNU spoilt Cook-Up

The said that the cost of daily transportation far outweighs the little stipend given by the APNU and also revealed that there are many others who share the same view.

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