Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cheddi Jagan's son disappointed that Nagamootoo continues to spin web of lies

The son of President Dr Cheddi Jagan has said controversial politician and Alliance For Change ( AFC) member Moses Nagamootoo is trying to “ hurt” and “ destroy” his father’s legacy as he continues his “ bitter and revengeful campaign” against the ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic ( PPP/ C).

Dr Cheddi Jagan Jr, speaking in a recent interview, said he is disappointed that Nagamootoo continues to spin a web of lies in certain sections of the media and at public meetings hosted by the AFC by suggesting that the ruling party is eroding the principles of its founding leader. “ I don’t know what Moses means by that.

In fact, I have said this time and time again: No one person could be foolish enough to believe that they can preserve my father’s legacy,” Dr Jagan explained.

He said his father never wanted a legacy that would remain stagnant and never changing or “ cast in stone on a mountain” far from people.

He explained that Cheddi Jagan’s legacy was to advance the development of Guyana, with the ordinary citizens benefiting from the transformation. “ My father was humble and realised that the PPP/ C and its leadership would have to continue his legacy by rising to the challenges that would present themselves and dealing with them in the most democratic manner,” Dr Jagan said.

He argued that Nagamootoo was disrespectful when he launched unjus tified attacks on the PPP/ C leadership, accusing them of all sorts of wrongdoings only when he left the party. “ He was part of the party for 50 years.... Dr Jagan was adamant that no political party or government in the world could be considered “ perfect” or “ excellent at governance”, noting that he has come to realise the need for compromise over the past few years as he also realised that the party had done lots of good for Guyanese: “ I came back to fill the gap that Moses left when he thought that he would kill my dad’s legacy by trying to paint the party that he built from scratch in a bad light, because he could not accomplish his own selfish desires,” Dr Jagan noted.

He said that he honestly believes that Donald Ramotar, who is the ruling party’s presidential candidate, would work towards further strengthening the levels of internal democracy within the party. Dr Jagan was confident that Ramotar would “ listen to the voice of the people” and try to “ meet their demands and needs” as his father did. He said that there was no doubt in his mind that Nagamootoo launched the character attacks on Ramotar for obvious reasons as he sought to further misrepresent his father’s legacy by telling Guyanese that Dr Cheddi Jagan had chosen him to lead the party and country when he died.

“ There are lots of things I could say about Moses and how he behaved when my dad was on his dying bed, but I would not venture that far.” Dr Jagan said his father never chose Nagamootoo to be his successor because he was there. “ He is a liar and I can tell him that,” Dr Jagan said, noting he believes that Nagamootoo was only making wild allegations against the party because of his obsession with power and wanting to be president of the country.

“ Guyanese want change and I see change in Donald Ramotar,” the son of the former presidents argued.

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