Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ICT revolution promised as Government distributes first 1000 laptops

President Bharrat Jagdeo on Tuesday distributed the first 1000 laptop computers under government’s One Laptop Per Family ( OLPF) Project, promising a communication technology revolution.

The 1000 laptops are part of the first batch of 5000 computers that are expected to be distributed this week at Information and Communication Technology ( ICT) hubs throughout the country. The distribution ceremony was held at the National Cultural Centre, and a number of recipients were urged by the president to contribute 30 hours of their time towards training others.

Jagdeo stated that the OLPF programme was conceptualised two years ago, with a lot of hard work dedicated towards making the actual project a reality. He reiterated that great opportunities are possible for citizens who now have a responsibility to transform Guyana.

According to the president, recipients will not be able to access broadband immediately, as their Internet access would initially be at a reduced speed which is expected to increase with time.

The head of state mentioned that while access to ICTs will create ideas, it is the ability to express those ideas that is key to the future of any country.

ICT has enabled the progress of globalisation where goods and services flow across borders.

Jagdeo stressed that access to technology can remove physical boundaries which separate rich countries from the developing world while opening up a range of great possibilities.

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