Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dennis Chabrol summoned to Congress Place after publishing PPP/C side of APNU Victoria violence story

-forced to concoct damage control story, threatened as well

Victims at a PPP/C press conference today

Liveinguyana was reliably informed that publisher of online news site Demerara Waves and veteran journalist, Dennis Chabrol was summoned to Congress Place, headquarters of the PNC, where he was threatened by a top official of that party. This was after Chabrol carried the ruling party's version of an incident which took place in the village of Victoria last evening. According to our sources Chabrol was chided for not discrediting the victims' versions and was also accused of being 'bought' by the PPP/C and President Jagdeo.

Chabrol was told that he would be remembered negatively should there be the planned APNU post-election violence. It was after this that Chabrol concocted a subsequent story in which he claimed that a police source denied that there were any beatings and attempts to set anyone on fire.

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