Monday, November 14, 2011

PNC/APNU MP Mervyn Williams misplaces firearm then pretends to be US Embassy official to have it transported on plane.

Mervyn Willaims of the PNC/APNU

PNCR Member of Parliament was fingered as the culprit in a incident with led to a breach of security at the Ogle Airport. According to our sources last Tuesday a pilot telephoned a state official to report that a security officer at Ogle asked to transport a firearm left behind by a US Embassy official who travelled to Mabaruma in the interior. The pilot then related that on the very day some persons doing humanitarian work here from the US were transported on one of the scheduled flights. Being struck by the revelation that U.S officials doing missionary work would be in possession of firearms the state official confronted the missionaries who were alarmed and in denial that they ever possessed firearms. A recheck was then done of the records along with the pilot being questioned and it was then that it was discovered that the individual in question give his surname as "Williams." He told the security at Ogle he was part of the "US Embassy team" and hence he needed his firearm. It turned out that the negligent owner of the firearm was in fact PNC MP, Mervyn Williams. Williams went Mabaruma on the same flight and apparently forgot his licensed firearm when he checked in at Ogle. Knowing fully well that it could not have been transported in such a manner he pretended to be a US Embassy official further placing the pilot and passengers at risk.

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