Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CARICOM observer mission says election process fair and peaceful

Caricom’s 19-member Observer Mission has described the entire election process so far as fair and peaceful. In a statement to the media it said “the Mission’s assessment of Election Day is that the people of Guyana were given the opportunity under good conditions to elect a government,”

It further noted that “the officials remained calm and focused and the observation is that the process was transparent and in those circumstances electors were able to give free expressions of their feelings when casting their ballots.”
Led by Hensley Robinson of Barbados, the mission said it observed 15 polling stations in Regions 3,4,5,6 and10 where the well-trained and prepared GECOM staff followed all the procedures, including those associated with counting, were followed. “No issues arose with the counting of the ballots. All the observers took part in that process and were satisfied with the proceeding,” the Caricom mission said.

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