Sunday, June 14, 2009

The AFC at its mischievous best again!

-Ramjattan in defense of ineligible perspective Toshao who lived outside of the village for the past 30 yrs, contrary to Amerindian Act

The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), on Friday last, accused the Alliance For Change of attempting to divide the close knit Amerindian communities of Orealla/Siparuta, which are located in the Berbice River, Region Six.

AFC chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, has been retained by a group of residents of Orealla who claim that the elections in April 28 for Toshao and councilors were held in breach of many of the rules provided under the Law.
The PPP brought to Georgetown Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha to back up claims that John King has not been in the community for 30 years and therefore was not eligible to contest the elections.
However, Ramjattan has argued that the deeming of John King, one of the candidates, ineligible to contest for the post on Election Day, when on Nomination day, April 27, he was ruled eligible, by itself is sufficient to vitiate the elections, and is good reason to hold fresh elections.
When King was declared ineligible, the only other nominee for Toshao, McLean Devair, was re-elected.
The Amerindian Act states that in order for an individual to vie for post of Toshao, that person must be living in the village for at least three years.
Mustapha produced different addresses for King as proof that he (King) lived outside of the village for the past 30 years, including an affidavit from King’s brother, Glenn. Mustafa also said he had a petition signed by residents regarding King’s non-participation in community activities over the last 30 years.
General Secretary of the PPP, Donald Ramotar, said that the party has no interest in preventing anyone from contesting an election.

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