Monday, June 1, 2009

LETTER BOX: What was the cause of Ms. Shirley Field-Ridley’s death?

Neil Adams: IT is interesting to read the articles that show up in the Letters to the Editor's column of our daily newspapers. My eyes caught one of them written by Hamilton Green captioned "Nation must demand answers from its Leaders." It was a well written article by a well known gentleman, the Mayor of Georgetown, delivered on the 43rd anniversary of our nation's independence.

Mr. Green lamented the fact that, "there is a creeping moral decline insidiously taking hold of society, few inquests are being held while an alarming number of murders remain unsolved." He then quite emphatically, demanded that the truth and nothing but the truth be told to the people.

Now, Mr. Green for starters we the public would like to know how Ms. Shirley Field-Ridley died or should we say murdered. Ever since that fateful night the public have been asking questions to which we cannot get sensible answers. Should I suggest you have some forensic scientists carry out an autopsy to verify the cause of her death thereby putting closure to the people's quest for answers? But what am I talking about? She was cremated, yes cremated! This removes all traces of us ever finding out the cause of her death. I rest my case.

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