Monday, June 1, 2009

GPL 120 tonne generators moved to Kingston project site

One of the generators arrives at the Kingston site

GPL generators on the way to kingston. (Inset) is CEO Ag. Bharrat Dindial

Two of three heavy duty generators from Finland, valued some US$30M and each boasting a capacity of just over seven mega-watts, were yesterday transported from the John Fernandes Wharf in Georgetown to the GPL project site in Kingston, also in the capital city.
Acting GPL Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bharrat Dindial, speaking to the media at the John Fernandes Wharf, said the generators will significantly shore-up the company’s power capacity.

“The engines will add to GPL capacity…right now our demand is about 69 mega-watts and our capacity is about there; we do not have any reserve capacity,” he pointed out.

Dindial said in Demerara, about 32 per cent of GPL power comes from diesel, and with the new generators at hand, the dependence on diesel which is far more expensive than heavy fuel oil, will be considerably reduced.
He noted too that GPL will be in a better position to deal with higher fuel prices, reduce tariff given because of low production cost, and folks in Demerara should not experience too many instances of “load-shedding” and “black-outs”.

“It will reduce our fuel import bill in some respect because they are more efficient than the engines we have now, reduce production cost by using cheaper heavy fuel oil, and will add reliability to our system,” the Acting GPL CEO assured.

He said the equipment will supplement the existing GPL fleet in Demerara which generates 44 mega-watts and the power company intends to add another 10 mega-watts to the Demerara grid.


  1. Bhai I fed up with them blackouts!! Is good these generators come-hurry and set them up yeh!!
    So wha we gon do about the water problem now.??

  2. So with all of this is the general public going to get more hours of light? Lower electricity rates? Fewer blackouts-since blackouts in Guyana is inevitable??