Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Investment opportunities in Guyana being highlighted Globally by an international business reality TV show.

Deal Flow - Business Without Borders. Episode Guyana

DealFlowTV follows the principals of a small, highly respected investment bank as they crisscross the globe in search of the next great investment opportunity. Their mission - to find the people, places and passions that shape the future of global business. Each week the DealFlowTV team scours the globe on "fact-finding" missions to determine what regions are hot and which sectors are rising. They shine a light on new business opportunities; new management philosophies; and new ways of investing and making money.

These inveterate dealmakers are smart, opinionated and provocative. One partner follows a logical, quantifiable approach to evaluating businesses and investment opportunities, while the other relies more on gut instinct and her ability to find great talent. It is in this regard that Guyana was featured in a special 3 episode feature.


  1. Guyana deh good man...things only going up in Guyana nun nah going down-pure development!!
    People talking of money short and everyday i seeing some long long lines infront of dem banks i does wan kno is wah going on.!!

  2. I see they’ve began construction works on the old national bank building at camp and regent st. Soon that corner gon be looking real sweet with four gigantic infrastructures at the junction!