Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yesu Persaud owes enough to build 10 Schools.

Today we have learnt that while renowned Guyanese entrepreneur and investment pioneer, Yesu Persaud, continues to enjoy all the fruits of his hard labour and all its accompaniments his sense of patriotism and compassion for his fellow Guyanese seems lacking due to the fact that he has successfully ratcheted up a tax bill that exceeds GY$5B that is yet to be paid.

This sizable sum, we have learnt, is enough needed to facilitate the construction of 10 schools together with equipping them with the most modern of learning materials necessary.


  1. These people only care about themselves. It's the same way he took action to prevent the government from confiscating idle land in Diamond that would've been allocated to house lot applicants claiming that he was planning on developing it. Right now is Buck Bead and Grass farming on de land!

  2. Yesu & Samaroo are exploiting DDL to the fullest.Yesu holds 4 vehicles for his own use along with DDL & MMc guards whilst Samaroo was appointed overseas marketing director to facilitate his living with his family in Canada whilst his house is guarded 24/7 by DDL & MMC.
    Junior employees have to beg for measly increases.