Sunday, June 7, 2009

All Georgetown residents must DEMAND that Local Government Elections be held this year!

Our City Markets are in a deplorable state

Our City streets continue to flood whenever it rains

Garbage piles up almost everywhere

Mandela dump site poses a health risk.

Le Repentir Cemetery is a Jungle

Derelict buildings in the city pose a threat
to the
life and limbs of residents

There's poor maintenance of City drains

The images above provide a grim reminder why it is all important that we, as residents of Georgetown, must resist all attempts being made to further delay the holding of local government elections this year by Hammie and his cronies in the Opposition. In fact we must demand that the government keep its promise of relieving us of Hamilton Green by this year's end!
It is we who continue to suffer, particularly when it rains, day in day out, from the incompetence being protracted as management for the past 14 years now.

At every given opportunity we were told or reminded by the Mayor and his Deputy that a lack of financial resources and our failure to pay our taxes significantly impacts on the City's ability to provide basic services such as garbage collection, drainage maintenance etc, yet we have learned through media reports that hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of dollars in taxes were stolen right under the noses of these two gentlemen.

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