Thursday, June 4, 2009

Banks Shandy being sold to school children at Mae's Secondary.

Could someone please tell us why Banks Shandy is being sold to under age school children at Mae's Secondary School via the School's canteen?

According to our understanding of things, one Shandy contains 3% alcohol and 3 is equivalent to one Banks Beer. Three Banks Beers is considered to be the legal limit for alcohol consumption whilst driving in Guyana.
Hence, if some over-bloated rich boy decides to have 12 Shandys from the canteen at Mae's, then constable Adams of the GPF has every right to demand a few towels after he would've failed the breathalyzer test.


  1. This is the normal trend in rich schools. I am sure the Banks beer are at the bottom of the cooler.

  2. We will see many Driver Licenses being taken away in the coming years. These teenagers are practicing to drink early in their lives.