Friday, June 5, 2009

OBSERVATION: Peter Ramsaroop's appointment as CEO by the AFC seen as an attempt to appeal to the Indo Guyanese cause!

The AFC's appointment of Peter Ramsaroop as its CEO seems to be an attempt to gradually phase out Khemraj Ramjattan after he failed miserably to attract the support of Indo Guyanese at the last elections and subsequent thereof.
Apart from that, it is being reported that a rift developed between the two (Ramjattan & Trotman) after Ramjattan felt that he is being forced by Trotman to take certain hard line positions publicly while Trotman presented himself as the more moderate of the two.

As such Ramsaroop's appointment provided the AFC with 2 options:
1. His ethnicity can be used for purposes of appealing to the Indo Guyanese cause whilst continuing the charade of presenting themselves as a party for all Guyanese.

2. His financial resources will prove to be useful if the AFC are to sustain themselves.

In other words they stand to gain more from the loss of Ramjattan!

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