Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She had ah right to leave and go! Ohhh ohh ohh oho! She had ah right to leave and go!

The contents of a divorce filed by the wife of Lallbachan Christopher Ram some time back would make a lifetime tv hit movie. Allegations of blows reign non stop along with drunken fist fights and infidelity to be specific........
But of course, this is the Guyana we live in today, where the Younge's and Hen-ricos in the media would focus all their attention on allegations of high tech abuse whilst ignoring Mrs Ram's beatings. We beg to differ...........!


  1. Wah.........this bannaz name "lalbachan". Well slap me silly and call me burnham.

  2. They gah follow orders; or else…..!! I wonder how much more they hiding…..
    Time to let the cat out of the bag!!

  3. Isn’t Ram one that usually be calling for the interventions of the GHRA??
    Seems like that is just restricted to one aspect of his life………