Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amidst all the thieving, City Hall unable to pay contracted garbage collectors!

There will be no removal of garbage in the city as of today, unless the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC) is able to find in excess of $20M to pay the two private companies it has contracted to collect solid waste.

In her announcements during the municipality’s statutory meeting yesterday, Acting Town Clerk Yonette Pluck-Cort, revealed that contractors, Puran Brothers and Cevon’s Waste Management, have withdrawn their services due to non-payment on the municipality’s part.

She revealed that the contractors have not been paid for the months of March and April, and have indicated their desire to be paid in full.

Pluck-Cort said that the management of Puran Brothers in a correspondence sent to the city entity, last Thursday indicated that the company was experiencing serious financial difficulties. It was pointed out in the correspondence, Pluck-Cort added, that the company would withdraw its services as of yesterday.

According to the Acting Town Clerk, the Acting City Treasurer, Andrew Meredith, had disclosed that he could make available two weeks’ payment, amounting to about $10M, to the contractor. However, Pluck-Cort noted that the contractor had pointed out that the amount could not suffice and therefore withdrew the company’s services.

The Acting Town Clerk also reported to the council yesterday that another letter from the management of Cevon’s Waste Management, had gained the attention of Solid Waste Director, Hubert Urlin. She noted that the letter was of similar tone to that sent by Puran Brothers.

The letter, she said, has also indicated that that company had intended to cease operation yesterday.

Meredith revealed that the municipality fell in arrears for the months of March and April, adding that the council does not yet owe the contractors for this month, as four weeks of credit is allowed.

He attributed the municipality’s inability to pay the contractors to the revenue collection process, adding that more strenuous and serious efforts must be directed to this process.

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