Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teacher caught in hotel with student

A teacher of a city school on an alleged promise to give better grades, in exchange for sexual favours, lured a female student to an East Bank Demerara hotel for ‘a piece’ but only managed a kiss on the neck before he was arrested Saturday last.
However, while the student’s mother and relatives managed to execute a set-up to corner the amorous perpetrator, the police are stumped on what charge, if any, could be laid against the educator since the act was not completed and because the young lady, aged 16, went along without force.
Recounting her experience yesterday, the student, in the presence of her mother and grandmother, said that the teacher’s advances began about a year ago when she failed Geography and History.
The more recent advances were made last Monday during the Assembly period. She said that the man (name given) called her to the back of the assembly room and alerted her of a proposition he wanted to discuss with her after the assembly concluded.
Noting that the teacher’s tone seemed more deliberate than the way a teacher communicates with a student, she did not comply, even after a form one student was sent to remind her of her meeting with the teacher.
Eventually they met, and she was asked what she proposed to do to pass the two subjects and according to her she explained that she is willing to re-sit the exams, but the teacher would not hear of it.
“He say no; he want he cut and explained that he could help me if I have sex with he,” the 16 year-old said.
A similar advance was made a year ago. On that occasion the student recalled, “I tell he that I would pay he $2,000 but he showed me about $300,000 in a bag and say no amount of money I got can pay he and then he asked me what I gon do to pass?” Read more.........

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  1. Teacher like these should be lock away for a long time. These acts are preverted and disgusting to our society.