Sunday, June 7, 2009

City Hall's inaction poses a serious threat to some South Georgetown residents.

What do these two derelict buildings have in common?

Both pose a serious threat to life and limb!!
The one at the top was condemned by City Hall while the one at the bottom was severely vandalized and both may collapse at anytime soon.
Both of them continue to remain in the threatening state that they as a result of City Hall's inaction. Numerous complaints by residents of the South G/Town community they're located in have fell on deaf ears.

The latter one, which is situated in the Albouystown area, is a safe heaven for drug dealers, vagrants and stray animals. They all operate in full view of residents, particularly the drug peddlers with their fancy SUVs, who do so with relative ease, and the apparent protection of some police ranks who are known to frequent the said area. In fact some of the drug peddlers are outfitted in religious garb in an attempt to deflect attention from their nefarious activities.

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