Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guyana set to host 30th CARICOM Heads of Government Summit!

Guyana is set to host the Heads of Government conference of the Caribbean Community, commonly called the CARICOM summit. The country has enough accommodation for the regional leaders and visitors who would include decision makers with global and regional financial institutions and this is due to no feat of the critics. In the first place, when Guyana set out to host the World Cup Cricket, there was no end to the criticisms because all of them who found fault argued that the money could've been spent differently. They argued that the government was into wasting money and neglecting its people. Especially since the numbers predicted to arrive for World Cup Cricket did not materialize because two of the crowd pullers were knocked out in the first round of the competition (India and Pakistan). Guyana persisted, however. There were bed and breakfasts and many new hotels, all of which have helped to position Guyana as a host of these major conferences considering that previously we could not host small conferences, the likes of the Lions conventions. Back then. people would come to Guyana in the morning and would have to leave by nightfall because there wasn't adequate accommodation once the Pegasus was full.
Today Guyana will be offering rooms for everyone who comes and this is because of the foresight of the government.

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