Sunday, June 14, 2009

The PNC doing its utmost best to delay the holding of local gov't elections this year!

While all the bills related to Local Government Elections have now been tabled in the National Assembly and the Alliance for Change (AFC) has named someone to sit at the Select Committee of the National Assembly so far, the People’s National Congress Reform are yet to name their members to the said Select Committee so as to ensure that the entire process can move along in line within the necessary timeliness set.

Recently in a interview with the media the general secretary of the PPP correctly stated, “I am getting very concerned when I see issues in the press or statements in the press saying that Local Government Elections would not be held in 2009, and it coincides with the attitude that I am seeing, the whole fact that the PNC not wanting to go to the Select Committee, that there seems to be attempts afoot to try to delay the Local Government Elections,” he observed.

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