Wednesday, June 10, 2009

City Hall's failure to pay garbage contractors sees garbage pile up in the City

A resolution to the garbage disposal situation in the city is still some way off, as the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown have not been able to source millions of dollars owed to contractors.
The contractors, Puran Brothers Disposal Service and Cevon’s Waste Management, as of Monday, decided to withdraw their service from the municipality, claiming that they were unable to continue without being paid.
A source close to the municipality has revealed that the city owes the two contractors some $60 M.
A senior management official of Cevon’s Waste Management disclosed that about $24 M is owed to his company alone for disposal works undertaken over the past three months. The official revealed, too, that the city entity also has some outstanding payment from last year.

“It is a lot of money tied up here and we can’t work if we are not paid,” he noted.
Similar sentiments were expressed by a manager of Puran Brothers’ Disposal Service. According to the manager, in addition to the three months that the municipality owes his company, it has not paid up one week’s arrears for August, last year.
He said that he would have been willing to continue offering his service to the municipality if at least one month’s payment was made.
“They wanted to pay us for half month alone. That is just $2.5M. That is the cost for two week’s operation and we can’t continue good business like that,” the manager said.

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  1. Will the staffs at city hall stop stealing the Tax payers dollars?