Thursday, June 4, 2009

Talk de things dem Freddie! Bullettt!

Freddie Kissoon: It is interesting to know that most of the cuss-out anonymous bloggers are very scared people who would die if they are exposed. There was the recent incident in which the police were interested in ascertaining who the people were that posted on a blog named “Living Guyana.”

When it became known who some of them were, these gentlemen were near to a nervous breakdown. One of them(Ruel Johnson) immediately contacted his lawyer. Another one asked me what I think the Government will do to him(Gino Persaud).
Here were these cuss-down gentlemen who said the most unspeakable things about hundreds of real Guyanese and when they were about to be exposed, were on the brink of a mental breakdown. Guess why? The entire country, their families and relatives would have known about their cowardice and dirty minds.
So scared they were that they demolished the site after the police moved in. A few of my colleagues at Kaieteur News told me that one of them(Imran Khan) has come out from under his mother’s bloomers and is now using his real name on a blog he has started.

One hopes that the same time he emerged from under his mom’s petticoat he took his mind out of the gutter. I would like to name at least four of the persons on Living Guyana but if they sue the paper, I would not have the technical resources to prove who they are. We do know that the site was patronized by a respectable restaurant owner(William Walker of Oasis Cafe). I thought that it was very incongruous on his part to be associated with that site.
The relationship was mystifying because “Living Guyana” was really dirty and did not do anything to enhance the image of his business(Oasis Cafe). But the truth is 99 percent of his patrons probably didn’t know about “Living Guyana.”

De Parrot's note: While Freddie did not name names, he was on the ball in terms of his inferences and we sought to edify you by providing the names of the persons being referred to as unlike Freddie's News Paper, we cannot be subjected to a law suit (at least not for the next 30 years).

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