Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guyana will not stand idly by allowing its citizens to be treated unfairly anywhere!

At an interactive media session held at the CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen on June 12, President Bharrat Jagdeo stressed that he will not permit Guyanese to be unfairly treated anywhere. He was, at the time, responding to concerns raised about the treatment of Guyanese nationals by the Barbadian immigration authorities.
The President explained that he spoke to Barbadian Prime Minister David Thompson at the recent CARICOM meeting in Trinidad and Tobago on the matter, relaying information provided by Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados, particularly with the manner that Guyanese were alleged to be treated.
In response, Prime Minister Thompson stated that he was unaware of such treatment and has expressed his willingness to meet Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados to discuss and investigate any such case. The Barbadian Prime Minister has stressed that his only concern is dealing with undocumented individuals.
He noted that the system is much more complex than the immigration issue, and some countries (like Barbados) benefit from exporting capital and goods to others within the region and get large sums of money repatriated and benefit from large trade deficits in their favour. So complaining that Guyanese are ‘putting stress on the social security system’ is not a valid excuse for unfair treatment. A more holistic view is needed.
“I’ve been trying to be a bit more cautious and balanced but that doesn’t mean that I will not defend Guyanese interests,” the Head of State said.

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  1. The Bajans are jealous of the Guyanese people. We are able to work and live with what ever we have. This also happens in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.