Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mango thief mangled by dogs.

A mango-loving, hungry trespasser escaped with his life from the jaws of three pit bulls.
The man yielded to the temptations of a heavily-laden mango tree and scaled an eight-foot high fence at 28 Lombard Street, with a cutlass in hand. But on the other side, three pit bulls sat and waited quietly.
Several agonizing moments later, about 15:20hrs, the would-be thief lay trembling on the south western pavement at the corner of High and Leopold Streets.
He gave his name as Selwyn. Amidst bouts of pain, he said, “I go to pick two mango and get three pit bull instead.”
With the fear of death in his eyes, he gulped air and winced in pain; he begged for water to quench his thirst. He even promised to tell the whole story if he got some water.
Described as a drug addict, he escaped the jaws of death, but was badly mauled. He displayed wounds that were too many to count. His head, torso and both of his hands and legs bore bites and lacerations from the jaws of Matrix, Bullet and Leo, the three pit bulls. Read more...


  1. i think the owners for these dogs should have been charged for not having secured premises to keep the dogs for getting out of the yard.
    We cyan blame the "mango man" fa he lil hustle pon de side...!!
    when eva ya done life hard ya gah hustle..............

  2. The police should have shot these dogs! If they had killed the man it woud have been a different story-it would have been murder-what would of happen to the owners-would they have been charged!?

  3. The Police should use these types of dogs in Crime fighting. The CPG can benefit from this venture.

  4. The guy shouldn't be trespassing or stealing mangos.. karma

  5. This dog had nothing to do with mangos. This dog lives in Michigan.

  6. Ya think twice before you decide to steal someones belongings. the man had to scale an eightfoot fence to steal the mangos. If it were your property being stolen you'd feel differently.