Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Braithwaite a ‘Neemak Haraam’?

Todd Morgan slams the skunt written/purported to be written in the Stabroek News by Troy Brathwaite in way that is befitting. Maybe he should've given Brathwaite a good Guyanese cussing (that is if such a person does actually exist).

Morgan rightly stated: Barbadians must begin to accept the fact that free trade and open borders are to their utmost benefit. By embracing the philosophy of free immigration and free labour mobility, there is benefit from the productivity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship not only of those within borders, but also of those from without. Expanding the division of labor into the international marketplace makes available a vastly enlarged array of resources, thus enhancing the living standards of everyone.
Guyanese often use the Hindi term `Neemak Haraam’ to refer to ingrates and the ilk of Mr. Brathwaite falls easily into this category.

De Parrot's note: I wouldn't at all be surprised it turns out to be an out-pouring of expression by Stabroek News via this concoction purported to be written by one Troy Brathwaite.

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