Sunday, June 14, 2009

If that was the case then the PNC would've lasted less than a year in office!

When asked to give his opinion on the contents of the recently tabled auditor genera'ls report of 2007 leader of the Opposition and PNC/R1G leader Robert Corbin proudly stated with absolutely no remorse what-so-ever;

"in any other country the government would have had to resign, given that this was not a one time occurrence; given that in each of the reports there are brazen acts of improprieties as it relates to the spending of taxpayers dollars, by those that have been entrusted to do so"

For years Corbin's PNC whilst in power never even saw it necessary to have an auditor general's report, much less having it tabled in parliament, instead the auditor genera'ls office was grossly understaffed and under funded and reduced to another tool used for oppression purposes by the Congress Place goons.
Today, the anti-government dick heads are given a free reign to unleash their dick sucking lips via the tabling of an auditor general's report on a yearly basis.

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