Friday, August 19, 2011

ACDA gets $10 million Government grant for IYPAD activities

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday approved of a grant of $10M to the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) to support that association’s activities to mark the occasion of the International Year for People of African Descent (IYPAD). The president made the commitment after meeting with executives of ACDA yesterday at the Office of the President.

The International Year for People of African Descent has its genesis in a United Nations resolution which was passed with full support from the Government of Guyana two years ago.

At the launching of IYPAD activities held by the government earlier this year, at the Guyana International Convention Centre, President Jagdeo spoke of the unique contribution made by persons of African descent to world history, and to the development of our country. He also spoke of African slavery as the worst crime ever committed against humanity, describing it as a holocaust in its own right.

The president also pointed out that much of today’s developed world was built on the back of forced African labour and that, under his government, Guyana has advocated within CARICOM the call for global reparations to be made for the injustices of slavery.

President Jagdeo also pointed out that, up to today, the cause of fighting for development in Africa continues, a cause with which his government will continue to associate itself.
On Wednesday, the President announced a $20M famine relief to be sent to victims of famine and drought in Eastern Africa.

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