Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minibus operators demand apology from Sheila Holder

…for her claims that minibus drivers are ‘homeless drug addicts’

A minibus operator

MINIBUS operators in Georgetown are demanding a public apology from Alliance for Change’s (AFC) Prime Ministerial Candidate Sheila Holder who said they are “homeless, drug addicts who have no respect for the lives of others.”
Holder, during the debate on the Road Traffic Amendment Bill on Thursday evening in the National Assembly, said most minibus operators have no family life and are on illict drugs, hence the recklessness on the roadways.

“Many of the young men who drive minibuses have no family, have no home life, they live in hotels, they drink and take drugs,” Holder told the House.
Holder’s comments did not go down well with minibus operators who said such statements by someone aspiring to the second highest office of the land is “reckless” and bears no truth.

“I aint know what happen to Sheila Holder, but she need to look at herself first before she talk about others” said Darrel Mc Almont, a bus driver plying the Stabroek South Ruimveldt route.
Another driver, Edward Benjamin said, “As far as I concern, she is a crazy woman talking nonsense, that all the young men are wild, they have no responsibility, that’s stupidness; big man like me does tek me time on the road, and many other young men take their time on the road too.”
According to another driver, for Holder to claim that many of the drivers “own nothing” is ignorance, and a comment by someone seeking the sympathy of some sections of society.
“So tell Miss Sheila Holder for me that she could come; I could rent she a house now, I have a family, my family outside,” another minibus driver argued.
The driver believes that such comments warrant an apology urgently.
“I think the comment is ignorant and ignorance is lack of knowledge, and doing a surveillance on everybody that driving bus or taxi, most people have qualification…I would say is ignorance to just address people on your opinion, cause most of these men is family men,” said Floyd Alexander, another minibus driver.
Another driver said he is an auditor and accountant, but chooses to be a driver since the job is more lucrative.
“ Sheila Holder talking a lot of nonsense; she don’t know nothing, you can’t own a bus and live in a hotel; you have to own a bus and live in a house; I own a bus and I live in a house, ” said Jean Burnett, a female bus operator and owner.
This is the second time the AFC Prime Ministerial candidate has come in for flak over her personal studies and surveys.
During the 2011 budget debate in January, Holder called for the removal of some 17, 000 pensioners from the pension net as she claimed a study conducted by her revealed that these were persons who are non-existent.
This claim did not go down well with pensioners, as they called for a public apology or her removal from parliament.


  1. Controversial chartered accountant’s son threatens to hack PPP, Mirror websites on July 31,2011 Guyana Chronicle. Ravendra Ram is desperately trying to hide his father's illegal dealings.

  2. SMH!!! With wrong with this lady,this is the second time she is making some remarks that are uncalled for first it was the pensioners now she disrespecting the minibus operators.

  3. This woman don't have respect for the people of this country cause she always disrespecting the citizens.