Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Impress Youth Expo angers dinosaurs who want to re-write history

THE organizing youths of IMPRESS have noticed that the old relics, who have exercised total control with an iron grip over the Guyana Trade Union Congress(GTUC) over the years, have clearly been angered by the participation of thousands of youths from all across Guyana at the recent Youth Expo hosted at the International Convention Centre. It is interesting to note the new-found concern for the nation’s youths by the GTUC, and its allegation that “there is no youth policy that would attend to the developments of youths in a structured and equitable manner.”

The fact that the GTUC General Secretary Lincoln Lewis openly indicates that the youths of today are not better off than previous generations, clearly indicates that this Rip Van Winkle is yet to awake from his slumber.
Lewis, of all persons, should know what the generations of the past were doing, as opposed to now, when youths are being educated in the hundreds of new schools all across this nation, built over the past 19 years, and the hundreds more which were rescued from total collapse since 1992.

Lewis should know that the University of Guyana, which continues to educate students from all walks of life, was built by the PPP Government before it was forced out of office by local elements working with foreign forces, including some of the trade unions and the TUC. This is well documented.

They were the ones who were being paid to sow the seeds of division and destruction in our society, destroying the future of all our youths in this nation. The PPP has been trying effortlessly to heal such divisions, and rebuild after the destruction, despite the constant opposition which is clearly illustrated in the vile ranting of Lewis. Read more......


  1. With the response from the youth of this country at the youth expo has shown that the govt of Guyana is doing what is to be done for the youths and has cause mush frustration to some so try to say that there is nothing being done for the youths of Guyana.

  2. The question that should be asked is, what is the comparison between 1992-2011 and 1992 back? Youths in Guyana has seen major empowerment through out the years, not only Education wise but also in the day to day actions and transactions being carried on in Guyana, we see more activities being risen in which youths are given a chance to express themselves, how does this happen? The Government of Guyana have a huge part to play in this development...if i'm telling a lie! just ask the youths...