Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scenes from Youth Impress

Inside the dome

The lobby

West Wing

East Wing

Some of the spill overs accommodated in another room

Showcasing career opportunities

A proud Ramotar supporter

Exhibiting their skills

YEST booth


  1. It is with much delight that the PPP/C has established programs designed to benefit and guide the youth of the country.
    Otherside, Freddie Kissoon continues to debunk, criticize and spoilsport development such as writing in his articles about the Jamzone festival. WHY DOES FREDDIE KISSOON WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING POLITICAL TO PLEASE THE PNC/APNU, AFC AND WPA?
    Christopher Ram has his household affairs to deal with such as his twisted marriage with Ena Ram and the horrible treatment he did to his wife and children from 1997-2004.
    The PPP/C is not a dictatorship Freddie Kissoon. It appears that Burnham's ghost has haunted you. I advise Freddie to seek psychiatric treatment at an overseas clinic funded by cocaine money from Tookie van Rossum and Chris Ram client Salim.

  2. This is good to see that youths came out and didn't even had time with color or creed but just one focus to make their mark on how they think that their lives could be improve.