Monday, August 22, 2011

Overwhelming response to 'Youth Impress' giving Carl Greenidge and others belly ache

There is no doubt that the overwhelming response of Guyana's youths to the PPP organized 'Youth Impress' caught the party's detractors by surprise. They have now through their propaganda agents and apologists launched a misinformation campaign.
One fervent anti-government critic attributed the presence of those at the GICC to a promise of free laptops and a payment of $5000 in per diem. In other words this commentator who is noted for his hatred for the Government as well as his asininity is saying that our younger generation are more of the 'buck' taking kind. He would know a lot about 'buck taking' and 'book stealing' as it is public knowledge that certain businessmen once paid him huge sums to avoid becoming the victims of his pen.

And then we have the former PNC Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge who presided over the PNC's mismanagement of Guyana's once booming economy. In fact Greenidge has no moral authority to lecture our youths given that it was as a result of his incompetence that anyone born after 1992 was saddled with US$4000 in PNC accrued debt. The damn thing about Carl Greenidge is that he and those of his ilk continue to make excuses for the PNC's failure. The PNC did no wrong according to them and everything that went wrong with Guyana is as a result of PPP. This tells us that their attack on the PPP has nothing to do with politics. The good guys according to them are the ones with shirtjacks with 600 colorful pens decorating their pockets; the fat cats of the Burnham/Hoyte era.

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