Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buxton once more on the move

- Cultural activist Mboya Wood, son of Buxton, says it is time for healing in the nation

Residents of Buxton, will soon benefit from the spanking
new state-of-the-art Tipperary Hall on Middle Walk.
The structure, being built at the cost of over $50M was a
promise fulfilled by President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Buxtonians have been seen as the bogeymen of Guyana for too long and that is about to change, because all the factors of change are now emerging and merging, largely due to the fact that the tradition and history that Buxton has of excellence in academia, achievement, high moral and social standards, and great spiritual values, all of which have been submerged in the national consciousness by the crime wave that rocked that community for years, are being resuscitated.

Buxtonians are refusing to be relegated anymore to the sidelines of the national construct and are demanding their share of the national developmental pie.
No mother wants to see her offspring lying dead, cut down in the prime of his youth by a bullet – and too many Buxtonian youths have suffered that fate because of bad choices made through instigation by persons with agendas inimical to national cohesion and community development in order to perpetuate their own glory and power.
But today Buxtonians are saying: “Enough! We want our respect and pride to be restored once more.” And they are prepared to work toward this eventuality.
During a visit to that community, which was facilitated by Buxtonian leaders, spearheaded by Cultural Activist Mboya Wood and Presidential Advisor Odinga Lumumba, President Bharrat Jagdeo urged members of the community to work together with the Government to create people-empowerment and wealth generational activities because, while honouring the contributions of village elders and ancestors, the current generation also needs to invest their own efforts to transform their community so that it once more reflects the glory that it once had.
Buxton was once touted as the most progressive Guyanese village and the epicentre of local industrial activity, ever since it was bought in 1840 by 141 freed slaves, but has eroded in every possible way until it became a pariah in the national landscape, to the extent that job-seekers are constrained to provide false addresses to potential employers, which President Jagdeo denounced as geographical discrimination subject to prosecution by the law.

President Jagdeo’s love, respect and appreciation for the teacher he acknowledges as, after his parents, most responsible for the person that he has become, Buxtonian Ms Audrey Payne, is evident as throughout his public life he has constantly alluded to the influence she has had in his academic life and his approach to endeavour and achievement. Citing his experience with this redoubtable lady, he agreed with Chairperson Barbara Thomas-Holder that Buxton has an excellent academic record.
Buxtonians had proven without doubt that their hearts were in the right place when they stopped the funeral cortege of Dr. Jagan with the cry of “Respect due!” This rapprochement between the President and his people has been a process long in the making and, as Presidential Adviser Odinga Lumumba said, this is the right time. Lumumba said he has no apology for supporting the PPP Government because the President has earned his respect as a leader committed to the welfare of his people, without fear or favour, a leader who works long, unremitting hours toward enhancing the lives and lifestyles of the Guyanese people.

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