Friday, August 5, 2011

GT&T's bribing of the PNC affords them an ailing voice of objection at liberalization attempts.

Back in the early 90s, ATN, the parent company of GT&T, brokered a sweet deal with the then Hoyte led PNC government that saw them becoming majority shareholders (with 80% shares) of the company and also obtaining a 20-year monopoly – excluding the mobile sector – with the option of renewal for a further 20 years, plus 6% of the annual revenue (as so-called advisory fees) along with the dividends for its shares. In our view this allowed ATN/GT&T to rob, rape and bugger Guyana for years. DIGICEL's intervention lessened the extent of the buggery but GT&T continues to fingle Guyana in the development of its ICT sector!

GT&T's continued bribing of the PNC affords them an able, though somewhat ailing, voice of objection when every attempt is being made by the government to liberalize the ICT sector at the expense of the sexually abused consuming public.
Yesterday's tabling the telecommunication bill was met with opposition by the PNC. And that party has already announced an intention to 'pick and choose' its presence at the sittings of the national assembly which are to be held during the delayed 'recess' period. It is anyone's guess when they will be absent. GT&T has throughout its existence contributed significantly to the financial well being of the PNC and in return that party has to earn its take. Guyanese people have had enough though......

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