Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RAMOTAR SPILL THE BEANS: AFC's Ramjattan introduced him to Ed Ahmad

PPP/C Presidential candidate, Donald Ramotar in the interview shown above debunks false claims made by the Alliance for Change(AFC) and its presidential candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan that embattled US businessman Ed Ahmad contributed to the PPP's 2011 campaign. Ramotar said that it was Ramjattan who spoke glowingly of Ahmad when he introduced him whilst a member of the PPP.
Ramotar also spoke about attempts by himself and former President Janet Jagan to get Ramjattan to sever ties with persons of shady character, whom he also represented in court. This was after frequent complaints by the then head of CANU, Lambert Marks.


  1. Has this issues continue to unfold we see that the AFC Ramjattan just looking to get a political gain on this issue but i guess he forgot that he was the one that brought Mr.Ahmad to the PPP.

  2. Well with all the ranting that he be going on with wonder what he is going to say about this now.Since he jumped and said that this man funded the PPP and he is the one that bring him into the party and he must also receive funding too.