Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still no word from Stabroek News on the involvement of a relative of its Editor-in-chief in the Ed Ahmad scheme

In its coverage of the Ed Ahmad imbroglio Stabroek News, being its usual deceitful self, has shifted from the '29 tons of goods' to '29 containers of goods' it initially reported as being shipped by Ed Ahmad to President Jagdeo. It is obvious to everyone that SN in its haste to be sensational did not conduct a proper verification exercise before carrying the story, hence this latest shift.
The folks at the big market paper are also aware that owing to an age-old law inherited from the Forbes Burnham era the current President is exempted from paying duties and taxes so its suggestion that some laws might have been broken when the items were shipped by Ahmad are perplexing.
But what is even more shocking to Liveinguyana is fact that Stabroek News in its coverage has made no mention of the fact that a relative of its Editor-in-chief, Anand Persaud is being investigated in the same matter and is likely to face serious charges in the U.S

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  1. Dont hold your breathe on this cause we wouldnt hear nothing coming the Editor cause these people are working for the opposition to mislead the public.