Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Freddie Kissoon lies EXPOSED!!!

Mavis Lawrence: I COULD not stop laughing (yesterday) morning while I was reading another Anancy story by Freddie Kissoon: ‘Mavis Lawrence is a man’, published in the Kaieteur News on Aug 24.
Kissoon, true to form, tries to ridicule a letter writer, rather than dealing with the substantive issues. And notice how he is always obsessed with a person’s sexual orientation. If I were a psychiatrist, I would be saying ‘hmmm’, right about now.
The University of Guyana (UG) Strategic Plan is not rocket science as Kissoon seems to think it is “technical”; it is a simple matter.
The university (any university) has to effect cost-cutting measures in this era of reduced government funding and a global financial crisis.
I never mentioned any details of UG Council meetings. Everything I discussed in my letter is in the public domain. They were addressed by none other than the Minister of Education at a press conference and subsequently in the print medium.
I marvel at his logic in trying to debunk my existence by searching the telephone directory, etc. Here’s a clue for you Kissoon, if my number is private, good luck finding me in the directory. And, is he not aware that all Guyanese are not domiciled in Guyana? Thank God, this man is neither a detective nor a lawyer!
In closing, I categorically state that Mavis Lawrence is REAL and I am ALL woman.

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