Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AFC's response to Impress Youth is to offer some computers and refreshments

This is precisely why the ruling PPP/C coalition will win the upcoming elections. It is obvious to all that the other parties are out of ideas, lack vision and are only capable of knee-jerk reactions. This is demonstrated once again in the AFC's response to the PPP's Impress Youth-the AFC is actually 'responding' when it should've been leading the way-where they have organized some sot of confabulation in Campbellville with refreshments and the chance to wins computers, cell phones and electronic dictionaries being used to entice youngsters to be part of this event.
Worst is that participants will be addressed by the offspring of AFC senior members who have lived their entire lives outside of Guyana. Wow!


  1. To see if they could get the response that the PPP got for the over whelming Youth Impress they come with a gadgets to get the youths to turn out.

  2. They think a few gadgets will draw youngsters out to this event.The younger generation need to hear what is in store for them and what well be done to enhance their lives has they get bigger not to win no computer and cellphones.

  3. This is their intentions of getting youths to come out by offer computers and cellphones.Plus I'm offended cause they make it seem that the youths out there are starving "refreshments served".