Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Opposition racism claims far from reality-Local Gov't Minister

Recent claims by members of the Opposition political parties, including the Alliance for Change (AFC) and the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) now “A Partnership for National Unity “ (APNU) came in for heavy criticisms from the government, as the administration said claims by these parties that only Indo-Guyanese are being given key positions in government are far from the reality. Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker, who himself has strong Afro-Guyanese roots, dispelled the notion that the Bharrat Jagdeo’s administration operates within the confines of racism. Several key operatives of the opposition claim that the administration has been marginalising Afro-Guyanese and are pushing those of Indian descent.
However, Minister Whittaker highlighted the significant number of Afro-Guyanese who have been placed in senior government positions under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration, including government ministers, permanent secretaries, and heads of agencies, among others.

Minister Whittaker said in the various government ministries, most of the permanent secretaries, and those in senior positions are Afro-Guyanese; he pointed too to the number of government ministers who are of African descent.

“Within the Cabinet, if I am to start with the Honorable Prime Minister, include the head of the Presidential Secretariat, include Minister of Public Service, Minister within the Ministry of Finance, yours truly, Minister Robeson Benn, who holds a very key Ministry in this country, these are examples of Blacks in whom our President Bharrat Jagdeo has placed confidence, and they hold key positions,” Minister Whittaker argued.

He added, “Blacks hold key positions in the public service, culture youth and sport, human services and social security, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Housing and Water, these are all Black permanent secretaries; the Ambassador, the Director General (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Deputy Finance Secretary (Ministry of Finance), these are all Blacks holding key positions within our public sector,” the Minister added.

Minister Whittaker also pointed to the key positions that Afro-Guyanese hold within the security sector, which demonstrates the government’s trust in such a critical grouping.

The minister’s sentiment has debunked a particular argument that president Jagdeo is racist and as such, the government practises racism.

The minister is charging those making the claims to come forward with the evidence of racism and marginalisation being practised by the government.

He believes that the Afro-Guyanese society is being led by a few with political agenda to believe that the government is practising marginalization.

According to the minister, the cry about marginalisation has always been supported by political elements.
He however pointed to an era when marginalisation and racism was rampant, when Mr. Burnham decided to dismiss or re-deploy 40 percent of public service employees. The upshot was that many Indo-Guyanese chose to leave their jobs. Read more...........


  1. With their desperate plight to gain some political points has it comes down to election time they came with a racism talk which is clearly far from reality.

  2. This accusation that the opposition is so not true cause everyone knows that Afro-Guyanese holds key position in the govt.This is just to try to mislead the people of this country.

  3. SMH!!! Well with this misleading accusation the opposition just put them further down the ladder cause we has guyanese knows that they are blacks in key position of the govt. and have seen this so why come with something that everyone can see.......this is just a shameful claim.